Cinematographer                Maxim Schwarzkopf

Кино, видео, игровые, документальные, рекламные и творческие работы.
Мое участие как оператора-постановщика, второго оператора и другая информация указаны в описании к роликам.
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  1. Hunter's house, 2016

    Short feature film
    Director: Andrew Egorov
    Cinematographer: Maxim Schwarzkopf
    Edit: Alyona Kuznezova
    Grading: Irina Maslova
    Postproduction: Studio Cinemix

  2. Chan

    The Chinese character “Chan” (more known in its Japanese reading “Zen”) means “meditation” – a practice, aimed to achieve an altered state of consciousness.
    When an adept, inspired by the atmosphere of an abandoned Buddhist monastery, goes deep into meditation, what happens to his consciousness? Could the process of transformation be visualized in the form of a dance?

    The film is based on an excerpt from dance performance “Davai, Davai” by Compagnie Zahrbat and Top 9 Crew

    Сhoreography – Brahim Bouchelaghem and Top 9
    Performed by Dmitry Li (Flying Buddha)
    Original music – Aleksi Aubry Carlson
    Additional music – René Aubry et Armand Amar

  3. Косметика
    "Ready to wear"

    Shopping Live®

    Model: @darinasamorodova
    DOP : @maxschwarzkopf
    Admin: Vitaliy
    Editor : @kirillnikolaich
    Stylist : @slavahrukov
    Producer : @_arina_may
    Mua: @viki_pro_mua
    Brand @readytowearbeauty

  4. Pushkin Mountains, 2014

    Documentary story about famous russian poet Alexander Pushkin and place, where he lived a lot of time.
    Film shot in honor of the anniversary of the poet for Chinese TV.
    On Chinese language!

    Director: Manas Sirakanyan
    Cinematographer: Maxim Schwarzkopf
    Edit: Manas Sirakanyan

  5. Немецкая косметика M. Asam

    Shopping Live®

  6. Данила Козловский читает рассказ Александра Цыпкина "Томатный сок"

  7. Halls of Thousand Buddhas

    Trailer of film:
    "Halls of Thousand Buddhas. Art of Central Asia in the Hermitage Museum"

  8. Украшения
    "Bozhena Rylovska"

    Shopping Live®

  9. Art of the Silk Road

    Episode from the series "Halls of Thousand Buddhas. Art of Central Asia in the Hermitage Museum".

  10. Mercedes Testdrive Moscow, 2014

    Studio ProLast St

    Maxim Schwarzkopf
    Ivan Golubkov

  11. Товары выходного дня

    Shopping Live®